Botium for business owners and developers, FAQs and Licensing.

In short - Botium is the Selenium for chatbots. More than that, there is an entire Botium toolstack. Starting with the open source Botium Core and ending with the Platform edition of Botium Box.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms give great possibilities to chatbot developters. Nevertheless, the majority of bots fails epicly. Searching for reasons we always came across one: there is a big lack in training and testing for chatbots.

Nice that you care about us ;). Apart from the open source Botium Core and the community edition of Botium Box, there is a Platform Edition of Botium Box. We believe this box is a real game changer for Enterprises and not completely free anymore.

Well, chatbots are software and every piece of software should be tested. Especially chatbots, that could reach tremendious amounts of people and get into direct contact with them.

Nowadays most of us are working in agile projects. When it comes to testing, agile means above all fast feedback. It is not unusual to do hundreds of builds every week in these projects. Meaning that you have to do at least smoke tests with every build. The only way to get fast feedback in this situation is to automate your tests.

Till now, state of the art chatbot testing was to put a whole department of testers or engineers in front of your chatbot and do conversations. To reach sufficient coverage, we are talking about hundreds of thousands of them. This usually takes weeks. Think about what this means for your time to market. Think about the costs for testing. Having conversations automated, Botium could execute them on API level a few minutes and is hundred times faster than doing manually. And you can execute them again and again. With every build, deployment or shipping.

To be honest, as many as you can get. When it comes to chatbots, the quantity of datasets really makes a difference. The good news is that Botium Box comes with predefined datasets for common chatbot domains. For example banking, telecom, customer support or tourism but also very helpful stuff like a smalltalk testset or typical human errors.

Yes you can. Botium Box comes with an security testset based on the OWASP top ten.

Good news, Botium Box could also identify GDPR issues for you. Together with GEISTWERT we created a GDPR testing concept and put it into Botium Box.

If you decide for Botium Box it's quite easy. Go through the Quickstart wizard to connect Botium Box to your chatbot, choose some predefined testsets and environments to run and start testing.

Well, you are reading the docs. That's a good start. Other than that, we recommend to start reading the blog series "Botium in a nutshell". Afterwards you should be ready to signup for Botium Box and do your first tests.

Depends. If you download the community edition, you have to host it on your own. If you signup for the trial edition, we will host it. And if you go for Botium Box Platform, you can decide if you want to run it in your environment or consume it as a service (SaaS).

If you decide to go for Botium Box Platform, you can choose between self hosting in your environment or consuming Botium Box as a service (SaaS). The community edition has to be hosted by your own.

Yes of course. Botium Box comes with out of the box datasets to make your testing faster and more reliable. Just modify these datasets or add your own custom testsets.

Usually it's a yes. Botium Box supports all common chatbot providers. And if you really found a glitch, we will add a new one.

Yes. Botium does parallelization based on so called Botium agents. For each test session, you need an agent.

First of all, this won't happen ;). Apart from that, the underlying Botium Core will never disappear because it's free and open source. There is already a big community around it.

We strongly believe in the power of communities. If you would like to contribute to Botium Core, you are very welcome. Please check the contribution guide.

Botium Core is licensed under the MIT License.

People and projects are different. Having different license models, we can provide Botium for everyone. Starting with a free open source edition up to a powerful version for enterprises.

Not really. You can check the MIT license restrictions here.

No, this doesn't make sense as Botium Box is built on top of Botium core.

Botium Core contributions have to follow the MIT license we've chosen for Botium Core. For Botium extensions you as contributor can select your own license.